Organizing and Accelerating the Energy of Burlington's Technology Ecosystem


OUr story

BTV Ignite is a non-profit organization sponsored by the leading government, business, and academic stakeholders of Burlington. Founded in 2014,  BTV Ignite was created to help take advantage of Burlington's city-wide fiber optic gigabit network infrastructure, unlocking the potential of this world-class digital resource. 

As digital technology touches and empowers many aspects of modern society, BTV Ignite's mission is broad.   BTV Ignite is bringing together the energy and activities of our sponsors and the community to create opportunities -- to start and grow new businesses, create new jobs and promote the skills needed to fill them,  offer STEM experiences for our students, launch "smart" city services, and ensure these opportunities are inclusive and accessible for everyone.    Burlington reputation as a innovation hot spot is rapidly growing, and we're working to spread the word. 

US Ignite

US Ignite is an independent nonprofit dedicated to fostering creation of the next generation of the Internet, sparking new business opportunities and profoundly impacting how Americans work, live, learn and play.

Burlington is one of over 20 US Ignite gigabit communities, connecting us to a vibrant innovation ecosystem.  

Burlington is an ideal US Ignite community test bed, where cutting-edge applications can be researched, developed, tested, refined, and deployed.