Expertise tailored to help your company scale


Starting a company is hard but, sometimes, growing that company is even harder.  


The BTV Ignite "Growth Acceleration Program" (GAP) is designed to help.  We're looking for current and potential Vermont-based startups at that "scaleup" pivot point in their growth plans -- those that are seeking a significant funding round (say, $500,000-$5M) and are ready to hire staff, expand, and tackle bigger markets.   We help companies that make interesting use of digital technology, but applied in any sector (IT but also, for example, agriculture, health, education, renewable energy, etc.).  

"Acceleration", not an "Accelerator"

BTV Ignite "GAP" isn't a traditional tech "accelerator" with cohorts and curriculums.  Rather, it's tailored relationship with you to provide expert support where you need it. 

Over a 6 month engagement, we work with you to understand YOUR plans, your strengths, and your challenges.   We then provide expertise to help -- on access to finance, business strategy, sales training, HR, governance, and logistics (office space, legal, etc.).    More than mentoring, experts with national experience work together with you, as part of your team, to help you implement your growth plans.   For example, if you are planning on a Series A funding round, we can help you with valuation, fundraising strategies, and term sheet offer reviews.  

As an entrepreneur, your time is precious.  In this Program, there are no time commitments or curriculum you must complete -- we schedule meetings with you to work together on those specific topics you need help with.  

no cost, no equity -- your success is our success

For companies accepted into the Program, there is no cost to you nor any equity requirements.  What we ask is for your commitment to grow your company in Burlington or elsewhere in Vermont.   We're looking for companies with solid expectations of funding, revenue, and staffing growth, and we ask you to project these over a 3 year period.  That's it -- your growth is our success!

We welcome those companies from outside of Vermont that can demonstrate a strong commitment to locating and growing their company here in our great state.   

Where do I sign up?

We're glad you asked.  Click here for our "Expression of Interest" form so that we can reach out to you with more information:


support for the btv ignite growth acceleration program

Through the Mayor’s Prize for Entrepreneurship, the BTV Ignite Growth Acceleration Program funded in part with support provided by the Community & Economic Development Office and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.  

Additional funding and support is provided by the BTV Ignite partners.