Develop new solutions to deliver education


BTV Ignite will participate in this year's US Ignite series of "Reverse Pitch" Competitions.   Digital solution developers are invited to compete for cash grants to demonstrate innovative ways high-bandwidth ideas can help deliver education - in Burlington, across our state, and by linking our students with national communities and resources.  

In a Reverse Pitch, proposers, such as community leaders and local businesses, pitch a problem to local entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, developers, and other creative minds to ask them to develop innovative solutions, including gigabit application ideas, to problems. Reverse Pitches provide community entrepreneurs and developers the opportunity to collaborate on groundbreaking work that fosters the development of next-generation gigabit applications to impact areas of national priority and communities across the world.

The theme of our Pitch call will be "Delivering Education".   Specific activity suggestions will be provided as guidance but the topic will be left broad enough to encourage participant creativity.    We will guide participants to consider solutions that promote telepresence, AR/VR, platforms for connecting distributed educators, and partnership opportunities for working across multiple US Ignite cities (similar to the Chattanooga 4K microscope gig app).

Final planning for the BTV Ignite Reverse Pitch process is underway.  A "Launch Event" will be held at UVM in the next few weeks. 

If you'd like to hear more as details are finalized, please add your contact info below and we'll keep you posted.   

Also, if you have further questions, please contact Dennis Moynihan (