BTV Ignite

Organizing and Accelerating the Energy of Burlington's Technology Ecosystem

US Ignite + Burlington, VT = BTV Ignite

US Ignite is an independent nonprofit dedicated to fostering creation of the next generation of the Internet, sparking new business opportunities and profoundly impacting how Americans work, live, learn and play.

Burlington is an ideal US Ignite community test bed, where cutting-edge applications can be researched, developed, tested, refined, and deployed.

BTV Ignite is a collaborative local effort and the name of the Burlington-US Ignite partnership. BTV Ignite exists to help organize the energy of our technology and innovation ecosystem and to bind institutions, government, educators, businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs together.  We are working in several areas in 2016.  Click here for details.

Among our initiatives are partnerships and projects with US Ignite and other Ignite communities throughout the United States helping to highlight Burlington’s powerful gigabit infrastructure as a tool, testbed and accelerator for economic, educational and community benefit. 

More about US Ignite

US Ignite promotes US leadership in developing applications and services for ultra-fast broadband and software-defined networks.  US Ignite is partnering with 25 cities, and 15 commercial entities. Through these partners, US Ignite is dedicated to “fostering the creation” of 60 new applications that take advantage of ultra-fast broadband. Some of the participating partners have a head start on development, but others are only beginning to contemplate how they will contribute to the US Ignite mission.

US Ignite’s applications are focused in six areas of national priority: Education & WorkforceEnergyHealthPublic Safety,  Transportation,  and Advanced Manufacturing. 

The US Ignite Partnership is a non-profit, public-private organization. With support from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Science Foundation, and the GENI Program Office, the US Ignite Initiative will leverage the combined resources of government, research institutions, foundations, and industry to foster an innovation ecosystem for gigabit application and service development.

By serving as a coordinator and incubator of this ecosystem, US Ignite will accelerate the adoption of next-generation networks. US Ignite partners with commercial providers, communities, and research and education networks (RENs) that can offer 100MB+ broadband networks, encouraging them to create next-generation technology test beds within their service areas.

US Ignite has the ripple effect of driving new business opportunities and accelerating U.S. leadership in the adoption of ultra-fast broadband and software-defined networks in communities nationwide.

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