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On March 9, 2016, the White House announced that Burlington, Vermont received the designation of TechHire City. The City of Burlington and BTV Ignite, a multi-institution tech partnership, has rallied broad support from local workforce intermediaries, education and training providers, and employers, and employer associations to improve career pathways for tech jobs. Working within the White House’s TechHire Initiative model, Burlington’s public-private collaborative will train and place 75 tech workers in 2016 and seek to train and place 400 tech workers through 2020.  

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The Knowledge
Educational institutions and community organizations committed to BTV’s Tech Hire Initiative

Vermont HITEC Institute for American Apprenticeships at Burlington College
Champlain College
The University of Vermont
Community College of Vermont
Vermont Technical College
Girl Develop IT Burlington
Vermont Works for Women

The Jobs
Local employers committed to BTV’s Tech Hire Initiative
University of Vermont
UVM Medical Center
NPI, Inc.
Vermont Information Processing
Logic Supply
Vermont Design Works
Higher Turnover
Smart Resource Labs
PAR Springer-Miller
Bear Code
Agilion Apps
Husky Injection Molding
Vermont Precision Tools
Companies within the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce and Vermont Technology Alliance.

 The Inspiration
Read the real-life stories of Vermonters who’ve benefitted as graduates from Vermont HITEC’s Registered Apprenticeship ITAR Program.

Sara Benoit, 34
Montpelier, VT
Education:  High School and some Community College classes
Previous Job:  Clerk for Insurance Company
Current Employer: Vermont Information Processing (VIP)
Current Job: IT Application Support Specialist
Current Salary: $42,000

There have been days where I wanted to flee the building and never come back. There were other days when I was so happy that I was here. I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.”

As a single mom, Sara wanted to provide a better life for her and her young son. Working at a local insurance agency, Sara had hit the maximum pay for her position. Her limited education restricted her from advancement and she knew that she wanted more for her and her son. When she saw the ad in the newspaper for the ITAR program she knew that this was her chance for an education, a job with great benefits and pay, and an opportunity for advancement. The experience was stressful, exhausting, and incredibly rewarding for Sara. She was able to provide a good example to her son by showing him the importance of commitment and hard work. Today, Sara and her classmates are making an average salary of $42,000.

Lucas Dusablon, 34
South Burlington, VT
Education:                           Associates Degree
Previous Job:                     Lead Grill Cook
Current Employer:           Vermont Information Processing
Current Job:                      IT Application Support Specialist
Current Salary:                  $42,000
To be coming from a background of zero experience or understanding to where I'm standing today is nothing short of amazing. I feel that this program has done everything to prepare me to not only take the next step at VIP, but to be ready for every possible step I can take moving forward. These past eight weeks have been one of the best experiences of my life.  To be in my thirties with no experience on my resume other than in the profession I was trying to get out of, I honestly didn't think I was ever going to see the word opportunity again, and I'm extremely grateful for the chance I've been given.”

At the age of 15, Lucas started cooking. He had spent his entire life working in kitchens. This lifestyle was something that was desirable in his 20’s but in his 30’s Lucas quickly realized that he needed something more mentally challenging and something with more stability. Unfortunately, the only thing Lucas had on his resume was the one thing he was looking to get away from and he was beginning to realize that many employers are not willing to take a chance on someone with no experience. When Lucas became aware of the ITAR program, he knew that it was his chance to prove to himself that he was capable of so much more than a great meal. It not only represented a new job, but a second chance at life. Today, Lucas is advancing quickly at Vermont Information Processing as he is a mentor to new employees and currently being trained to provide online software training seminars.

Heather Klarich, 44
Jericho, VT
Education: Some college classes
Previous Job: Receptionist
Current Employer: Vermont Information Processing
Current Job: Distributor Application Support Specialist
Current Salary: $42,000
This program has an incredible impact on the lives of the participants and is a service to the community at large.”

“Stuck in rural Vermont, without a degree, and limited resources,” - this is how Heather Klarich described her situation before the ITAR program. A few life changing events led Heather to a point where personal improvement and radical change were necessary. The bulk of her adult work life was spent as a case manager for her disabled sister and to raising four children as a single parent. This program provided her an opportunity to continue her educational pursuits while teaching her children about the importance of determination and a positive attitude. Today, Heather is one of the top performing employees in the Customer Service Division and enjoys the ability to be able to provide for her children with her stable $42,000 salary.

Join the BTV TechHire Initiative
As part of their commitment to TechHire, many companies and organizations have vowed to support the TechHire communities.

BTV Ignite, as the primary contact for your community, will share your organization’s information with the leaders of each commitment, so they will be able to reach out and offer support—as an example, LinkedIn will reach out to offer use of their data to determine employment needs in your community. To join the initiative, contact Mike Schirling

To see a full list of private-sector tools and community resources on the White House TechHire website:  

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