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Welcome to the STEM Continuum Project Page.  This page is not navigable from our primary website but is publicly accessible to all who have the link.  It is a work in progress.  Everything posted here is a DRAFT as we work with a variety of partners on this project!  Below you'll find:

1.  A DRAFT description of the STEM Continuum we're working to develop.

2. A short intro video/description of the continuum concept.  Be sure to watch the BTV Ignite video on the homepage first! (for context)

STEM Experiential Learning Continuum DRAFT - Updated 4-27-16

In partnership with a consortium of partners including K-12 educators, colleges and universities, hospitals and medical schools, tech education training organizations, youth centers, and others this initiative endeavors to bind together students and educators to businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and others to share experiences and educational opportunities.

Among the goals:

  • Deliver STEM education and STEM experiential learning early as K-2

  • Develop an easy to access and easy to navigate mechanism for educators to place students in community-based experiential learning opportunities

  • Develop a STEM network of educators, colleges, medical and professional community, businesses, researchers, community and entrepreneurs, and others (the providers) to deliver experiential learning opportunities

  • Cultivate problem solving and relational skills in addition to tech skills

  • Illuminate for youth, the educational and employment opportunities resident in the community

To achieve these goals a continuum of experiential STEM education learning will be developed.  This continuum will feature:

  • A platform that allows educators to easily accesses field trips, guest lectures, site visits, demonstrations, job shadows, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities for young people K-16 (college).

  • An app that allows educators to select the type of learning opportunity, a date or date range, length of program, and other applicable data.  The app would then match the request with providers who are available to fulfill the request.

    • For example - a 5th grade teacher is looking for a 1.5 hour guest lecture or site visit/demonstration on a topic related to applied chemistry.  Once the app is populated with the

  • In another phase of development, the app would allow other educators - locally and eventually in connected US Ignite cities - to stream the learning opportunity to their classrooms - eventually using high resolution 4k streams and low latency audio connections.


Sorry for the corny video.   It is for the BSD educators to supplement the written material.  We thought you'd survive 2 minute of corny!  Don't forget the primary video at for full context.

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