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October 18, 2016

Burlington, VT - BTV Ignite’s mission is to accelerate the growth of the technology and innovation ecosystem in the greater Burlington area.  BTV Ignite and it’s partners (The City of Burlington, Burlington Electric, Burlington Telecom, Champlain College, The Institute for American Apprenticeships at Vermont HITEC, the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, People’s United Bank, the University of Vermont, the University of Vermont Medical Center, and Vermont Works) are proud to announce the creation of an Internet of Things (IoT) Testbed Project.

The connectivity of a myriad of devices communicating across networks has received much attention over the past year.  In an effort to create one of the first testbeds of IoT technology using LoRa radio technology (see for a technical description) BTV Ignite, Champlain College, and Prolucid - local startup, have partnered with local engineers and programmers to pilot this technology. 

The pilot project involves using IoT sensors for two applications:

  1. Parking lot sensors, coupled with an application that will allow users of a Champlain College lot to check for availability of parking before they drive to the lot.

  2. An asset tracking system that will enable users of shared bicycles on the Champlain College campus to quickly locate a bike for use.

If successful, this pilot project will enable the exploration of a larger deployment of LoRa radios to connect Internet of Things remote sensors as a testbed for commercial application development, education, research, data collection and analysis (e.g. weather, water runoff, wind, and other environmental studies), and entrepreneurial exploration.

Further information about the project potential future impacts are below.

Current Partners:

  • BTV Ignite

  • Burlington Electric Department

  • Burlington Telecom

  • Champlain College

  • City of Burlington

  • IBM (Dr. John Cohn, Chief Scientist, Internet of Things)

  • Prolucid Technologies

  • University of Vermont

Possible future applications:

  • Electric grid, natural gas, and water utility monitoring and alerting

  • Real time location tracking of municipal assets (buses, vehicles, etc) for the community

  • Parking meter / parking system connectivity for bidirectional verification & enforcement

  • Sap run monitoring to maximize maple syrup production

  • Underground infrastructure monitoring (a current UVM Engineering project)

  • Water runoff and deep water quality monitoring (Lake Champlain research):q

  • Urban biology (tracking and study of animals)

  • And many other applications

Future Opportunities Include:

  • Creation of a testbed upon which entrepreneurs and businesses can develop and deploy technology for commercial application through the use of an open API for the platform.

  • Deployment of cloud-based development tools and software to accelerate development on the IoT platform.

  • Use of the platform by educators to teach IoT technologies.

  • Use by students in an array of learning environments.

  • Use by researchers for a limitless variety of projects.

  • Use by artists to create opportunities for interactive art pieces placed throughout the city

  • Collection of data across a wide array of applications could result in a substantial number of big data research applications.

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